Hello! I’m a Designer and I love to make things.

My name is Bettina and I deliver creative and engaging solutions to communication problems across print and digital medias.

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What I Do

UX and UI

User Experience and User Interface works together to deliver a functional, cohesive and pleasant product. Whether it is a website, app or software, my role is to think how the system logically flows from one step to the next, how the screens and pages are laid out and therefore how the user interacts with them.


Knowing these elements of front-end development is essential to structure my pages through semantics and styleguides. They are responsible for providing consistency, bringing the interface previously designed to life. The dialogue between conception and implementation becomes a lot clearer.

Graphic Design

Also known as Communication Design, it is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences. My role as a Designer is to generate solutions for real problems and new alternatives for constant improvement. I have 5 plus years of experience in Logo Design, Branding, Brochure, Posters and Art Stamps.

What I'm Involved In

La Clínica

La Clínica is a group of women artists who explore their strength and enshrine freedom by incorporating the rhythm of the West African drums to various performative elements. I am the co-founder of the group and also participate as a performer, designer and producer.


Abayomi is an open research group that investigates dances and rhythms of West Africa. During our weekly meetings we gather to celebrate the languages, vivacity and release of bodies. Besides participating as a dance and percussion student, I work as the group's graphic designer and producer.


EIV is an annual internship built by a collective of students and social movements in order to discuss, strengthen and integrate the social struggles in rural and urban areas. I am a member of the pedagogical committee.

estórias mal contadas

Personal writings about fragments of happenings. Repository of thoughts and perceptions translated into stories partially told but fully experienced.

About me

I am a Brazilian graphic designer with 6 plus years of experience in User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and HTML 5 + CSS 3 implementation.